Lake of the Woods/Rainy River Fishing Report

February 15, 2013

Fishing has been pretty steady for the last few days. Guests have been getting a few nice keepers in shallow for the morning bite, then head out to 32' for the day. Saugers and the occasional slot fish have been caught pretty regularly out deep. Then move back in for the evening bite. Buckshots, Stop Signs, and Pink Charmers have been working pretty consistantly in gold, pink, or chartruese. The reefs are still producing quality fish as well as the islands. Give us a call at 1-800-343-6909 and let us outfit your next fishing adventure





October 13th 2011

Well today the wind is strong out of the North. With the Shiners and Walleyes sitting right out front of Pine Island, we are hoping this wind gives them a little push up the Rainy River!!

Fishing has been picking up in Four Mile Bay and the river. There have been limits being taken through the day. Not the typical early morning late evening bite. With the cold front and North winds it will drop the water temperature and add a little more current to the river.

White, pink, and gold and pink tipped with a frozen shiner have been working the best in the river, but don't be afraid to try purple or blue. The boats have been hugging the corners by the red buoy in the bay, and right out front of the wind sock in the river.

The lake is still holding a lot of Walleye, Sauger, and Jumbo Perch, right out in front of the Lighthouse Gap. 26 feet along the border has been the place to be. With the wind today it might change it up a little with the south shore getting stirred up.

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October 8th 2011

Well the bite continues. You really can't call it fishing right now. It's more like CATCHING!!!

The fish are still stacked right out from Pine Island. From the border to Morris Gap. Today they are a little deeper. More of the walleyes are being caught anchored in that 24-25 foot range. Frozen Shiners are working very well. Color has not made much of a difference. Although the gold, chartreuse, and orange was getting it done.

There have been reports of walleyes coming in in good numbers in the river and 4 Mile Bay. Anchoring up in that 15-18 foot range.

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Here are a few fish caught  this moring!!!!

October 4th 2011

Well it is that time of year again where the Emerald Shiner makes it's yearly migration up the Rainy River to spawn!!

The walleyes are in a feeding frenzy right now. From the border just outside the Lighthouse Gap, to Zippel Bay, the fish are stacked and putting on a feed bag! The main depths have been 17-21 feet in the morning and evening, and 22-24 feet during the afternoon. The color has not really mattered, although the frozen shiners have been working the best.

I am thinking one more solid north wind and a couple more cool nights, those walleyes are going to be fighting over room in the river.

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September 15th 2011

Well I finally get to say that the fall river fishing is just around the corner. With temperatures dipping down into the 20's last night and this morning, we are sure to start seeing more shiners in the Rainy River. There have been reports of shiners showing up in the river already. With the amount of minnows being spit out of fish being caught on the South Shore, I am predicting a phenomenal  Emerald Shiner run this fall.

We have switched from downrigging to bait fishing again for the season. This week we were jigging in 28 to 32 feet along the Canadian/US border just north of the Lighthouse Gap. Color has not mattered much. There have been a lot of Sauger being pulled in, but they have been very respectable in size. Also a great mix of box Walleyes and slot Walleyes being caught, with a few over the slot!

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The Ramaker's had a great day out fishing. 15 Walleyes over 23 inches. Great job guys!!!

August 27th 2011

Fishing continues to be phenomenal on Lake of the Woods. Fish are starting to move. We are not to far from the shiner run of 2011. We all look forward to catching them hogs in the Rainy River.

We have been fishing out in front of Morris Gap the last week. Downrigging in 25 to 28 feet with #5 Rapalas.

Pulling spinners has also been bringing in the fish in the same area.

Up the shore towards Zippel Bay and Long Point have been giving us some of the bigger fish, but most of them have been in the slot. You can never complain about those right?!

It should not be to long from now and we will be back to Jigging for them green backs right out front of Pine Island.

Some shiners have already been spotted in the Rainy River!!

Connie Olson with her nice 24" and their catch of the day!!!

July 22nd 2011

Today Jigging was the key. The magic depths were between 20 and 25 feet. Frozen shiners or leeches were both equal in hog harvesting. Right out front of the Lighthouse Gap.

Some also had luck pulling spinners out in front of Zippel Bay. 26 to 28.5 feet seemed to show the most fish on the graph. They were a little finicky to start, but slowly picked up their feasting habits.

Here is one of the hogs harvested today!!

July 19th 2011

Sorry for the delay in the fishing reports. It has been a busy summer.

Fishing has been phenomenal this summer. There has not been many days when the charters have come in with less than their limit. Fishing is at full spectrum. Jigging, dragging spinners, and down rigging have all been producing great numbers of fish.

Jigging has been working really well from 30 to 31 feet right out from Pine Island. A lot of the bigger fish are being caught suspended 3 to 6 feet off the bottom. Pulling your jig up to those depths with a frozen shiner or leech.

Dragging spiners has been producing great numbers also in that 30 to 31 feet. Hammered gold and hammered silver with a leech are getting the jog done. Also in the morning right out front of the Lighthouse Gap, starting in 7 feet and drifting out to 15 feet.

Down rigging in 26 to 31 feet. This method is a great way to cover a little more ground to find out where the schools of fish are feeding. Crawfish and Shad colors have been working with the most success.

Here are some of todays fish caught by the crew.




June 21st 2011

Even with the wind blowing from the East most of this week, fishing has been fantastic. The walleyes have been schooled up from Zippel Bay over to the border right outside of the Lighthouse Gap. 28-32 feet have been the depths that most of the fish have been caught.

Frozen shiners and bright colored jigs have been working the best in the mornings, then switching over to leeches in the late morning to mid afternoon. It has not been uncommon to have your limit before noon this last week.


May 30th 2011

 Happy Memorial Day. We are back into the full swing of fishing this summer. The weather has been very fall this spring. A few days of wind and rain.

The fishing has been fantastic since opener.

Rainy River- Many fish are still being caught in the river. Gold, pink, and the gold and pink disco ball jigs have been working very effectively. Heavier weight is needed. Most have been using 3/4 to 1 ounce jigs. Most of the fish are being picked up in early morning and late evening in about 15 to 18 feet.

Lighthouse Gap- We have had many guests coming back with there limits fishing in the gap. Most of the females have left the river, leaving the males to do their job, which should be rapping up soon.

Lake of the Woods- Fishing has been productive in that 21 to 28 foot range outside of the Lighthouse Gap, Morris Point Gap, and Zippel Bay. Jigging with gold and pink jigs when the sun is out, and switching to orange and chartreuse when any cloud cover comes in. Knight Island, Starren Shoals, and Little Oak have also been producing some great numbers of bigger fish. Many 28 and 29 inches were caught this last week.

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February 28th 2011

 We have made our final move on the houses for the year. We are now fishing on the shore breaks just off Pine Island. Since the move the fishing has started to pick up. Lots of action with sauger, with many quality keeper walleyes, and a great assortment of slot fish. The walleyes are not far from staging to make their spring run.

Lindy Darters, small Buckshots, Forage Minnows, and Gem N Eyes tipped with fatheads have been working the best. They are still giving us the one look and run, but are coming right back and striking. The action is still a lot of fun for everyone!!

The ice is still in pretty good condition. The snow pack has really hardened up.

This weeks big catches are a 27 1/2 and a 26 inch walleye!!

January 10 2010

Fishing has not changed much in the last week. Houses are hanging out in 32 to 33 feet of water. Walleyes continue to be found suspended. Saugers are hugging the bottom pretty tight. You really have to give the saugers the push to coax them to bite.

Some action early in the week was found up in 25 feet. More sauger, but some walleye were found most of the day.

Glow red and gold have been the colors producing, but there is nothing wrong with throwing something new at them. You never know what might get them to hit.

Keep watching for the suspended walleyes. They have been pretty good quality fish.

Click for weekend forcast.

We have been running groups up to Oak and Four Block this week. Fishing up there has been alot for consistent. Big Perch, sauger, and walleye are being caught in respectable numbers.

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January 2 2010

 Well like the rest of the state of Minnesota, Lake of the Woods got some snow. The last 2 days have been filled with moving houses and moving snow. With the extra snow, please do not venture off the roads. You will get stuck.

Fishing has been pretty constant for the last week. Our houses are in 33 to 34 feet of water. Most of the walleyes are still being found suspended any where from 5 feet below the ice down. These fish are easily located on your fish finding technology. If you do not have one, let us know. We do have some to rent.

This week looks like it will be a little brisk with highs in the single digits to low teens. There are chances of snow on Wed. and Thurs. Be sure to dress warm.

December 26 2010

The ice is in great condition with the snow holding off for most of December. Thickness is ranging from 16 to 20 inches on most of the lake on the north side of Pine Island.

With a break in fishing over the holiday it has taken some pressure off the fish. Our houses are in depths from 29 feet out to 33 feet. With fish being caught in all depths. We should start to see a great  biting  pattern developing.  Any house in any a depth should have some good action. Also watch your flasher for suspended fish. Walleyes are being caught 20ft. off the bottom. If they are suspended make sure to get your bait in front of them. There is a good chance they are going to bite.

The weather looks like it is going to be very consistent this week with highs in the upper 20's, and lows in the mid teens. (click for local weather report)

It should be a great week, with some great fishing. We hope to all see you up here soon!


December 15th 2010

 We have 12 to 15 inches of ice out on the lake. The days are warming up, but the nights are getting down to zero.  The roads should be opened up to full size vehicles by this weekend. Of course please call one of the resorts for current ice conditioins.

Fishing was slow through the cold snap, but with the temps creaping up the fishing has also picked up. 20-21 feet seemed to be most productive yesterday just north of Pine Island. Big walleye were caught out in 29 feet.

Most of the action today was in that 24 foot depth. Plain gold hooks tipped with a fathead or frozen shiner using small jigging actions just off the bottom. Also be watching for them suspended walleyes.

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December 8th 2010

The houses are out on the lake. Ice fishing 2010 has begun. The lake is making some good ice. With the sub zero temperatures, we should be over a foot of ice by this weekend.

Fishing has been off and on for the last couple of days. With low front that just past through, it sent the fish into a slower feeding pattern. There was good reports in depths 14 to 19 feet, with both walleye and sauger limits being caught on the west side of Pine Island. With this high front moving in the fishing should be back to its Lake of the Woods fashion.

We hope to see you up here soon! And always use caution when out on the ice.

September 8th 2010

The wind sure has had the water looking like chocolate milk the last few days. The water has finally started to settle down.Today the fishing was like early summer, where you were able to go out, drop an anchor, and jig for your limit. 32 ft. was a good depth. Using 3/8th ounce jigs tipped with frozen shiners. Blue has been working really well. As well as the favorites. Such as pink and gold. Slip bobbers have also been effective. Many fish were also caught in the river in about 18ft this last weekend. Anywhere from 4 mile bay, to out in front of the resort. There has been reports of some shiners being spotted up river. We hope this is the start of a good shiner run up the Rainy, and some world class walleye fishing this fall!!

September 19th 2010

The wind has been doing nothing but blowing for the last 3 days. Today it decided to give us a little brake. Only having a slight breeze made it a great day for fishing. The lake was like glass for most of the day. That did not make much of a difference. 30 to 31ft. was a good depth to be in, using frozen shiners tipped with a little crawler. Green, orange, and white seem to be the colors that worked the best. The saugers have been biting earlier in the moring with the walleyes soon to follow. There still have been reports of pinhead shiners running in the river. With the river fishing picking up it should be a good fall for fishing the Rainy.


September 29th 2010

The water temperature is cooling down, and the fish are being found all over. There are also reports of shiners located in the Rainy. It is becoming that time of year when the walleyes make there run up the river after those beautiful little shiners.

The walleyes are also being found in depths ranging from 18 to 34 feet in the lake. Still using the jigging method with frozen shiners. Also tipping them with a little crawler has been effective. The bite is getting a little more aggressive. Many large sauger are being caught among the walleyes. The quality of fish has been fantanstic! With many being caught in that 18 to 19 inch range. Many fish over 28" have been reported. With our  largest this week at 28 1/4".

We will keep you updated on the Rainy River ACTION!


October 18th 2010

The shiners are beginning their long journey from the lake into the river. The warm spell we had last week certainly did not speed up the process. The warm front kept the water temperature at about 55-57 degrees for most of last week. The cold front that has been passing through the last couple of nights has dropped the water temp. down to 50-51 degrees. Each night more shiners have been showing up. Fishing has picked up in the river. Although when the wind slows down enough to let us on the lake, they are getting great numbers of Walleye and Sauger from 19 to 33 ft. They have been fishing from the border to Zippel Bay. Lite jigs with bright colors, teamed with frozen or live shiners has been doing well in the lake. Heavier jigs with live shiners has been producing some quality fish in the river and bay. From Lighthouse gap to Winter Road River, more fish have begun to show up.


November 18th 2010

Well it got cold last night. There is ice starting to develop in the channels on the Rainy River. It won't be long and 4 Mile Bay should have ice on it. The forecast shows low 20 highs, and single digit lows for the rest of this week and part of next. We hope for some hard water fishing by the first week in December.

The fish are still being caught in 4 Mile Bay and on the river. Orange, gold, chartreuse, are all productive colors. The morning and evening have proven to be the best bite. Using live and frozen shiners. 15 to 18 feet have been the depths they have been the most active. 

We hope to see you on the ice soon!!!


December 1st 2010

   Ice fishing season is here. The bay has reports of 7-8 inches with the lake around 3-5. We will be working on Pine Island this week getting the road ready to go. 4 wheelers have been making the trip out to Pine Island daily. With the sub zero temperatures in the evening, we should be gaining about an inch of ice every night. We hope it stays cold. Most of the snow that has fallen has been blown off the lake and bay. They should start creating some good ice for the season.

Of course always use caution when out on the  ice.


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